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Your privacy and security is important to us.

Privacy Policy
We do not share or disclose customer information with any third parties. If you do not wish to receive any email communication from us (other than order confirmation), you may specify this on the order form by unchecking the box for "E-Mailing List."

Credit Card Security
When you order on our web site, you enter your credit card information in the last step. At that point you are accessing our secure server which encrypts the data transmission. Our SSL certificate is issued by Equifax Secure Certificate Authority to our web host Verio.

Our shopping cart uses browser "cookies" for customer sessions. When a customer first clicks an "Add to Cart" button to make a purchase, ShopSite sets a cookie to associate the customer with a particular shopping cart. When a customer enters their shipping and billing information and clicks "Submit This Order" to complete the order, ShopSite sets another cookie. This cookie contains the billing address (and the shipping address if a separate one is used) that the customer used. It does not contain any credit card information. This cookie is set to expire December 30th of the calendar year following the year the order is placed. If the customer returns to the store from the same computer within this time, ShopSite will detect and read the cookie and the customer will not have to re-enter the address information. If cookies are disabled in a customer's browser, this "memory" feature will not be available to that customer.

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